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How to Install Cable Rail Tensioners in Vinyl or Composite Sleeved Posts

How difficult is this project?

This project is: DIY-friendly - Intermediate

Working with sleeves may require additional time, care, and some specialized drill bits.

Using stainless steel cable railing with vinyl or composite post sleeves is growing in popularity, and it's not difficult to see why! Finished sleeves are easier to maintain over time, can be coordinated with composite decking, and are generally less expensive than aluminum or steel posts. Many composite railing manufacturers also offer optional lighting and decorative add-ons that can take any deck design to the next level.

Download step-by-step guidelines for preparing your sleeved posts:

White sleeved deck posts with Cable Bullet tensioners

Although Cable Bullet does not sell composite or vinyl sleeves, our tensioners are designed to work with a wide range of available sleeves, including popular brands like Azek, Timbertech, and Trex. Three tensioner lengths are available for 4-inch, up to 6-inch square sleeves (4x4 center post).

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