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Cable Rail Dummy Tensioner


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The Cable Bullet dummy tensioner is designed to look identical to our cable rail tensioners once installed. As a post hole protector, it adds a sense of uniformity and high-end style. On transitional pass-through posts that break a straight run, it protects the post hole from abrasion. It can also be useful on oversized intermediate columns, where drilling a larger pass-through hole is advantageous. The dummy tensioner is threaded for use in wood posts, and composite or vinyl post sleeves.

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A Uniform Look Between Intermediate & End Posts

Each dummy tensioner shares the same head design as the standard Cable Bullet, giving intermediate posts a clean, uniform look over standard drill-through holes. The cutout along the threaded body and the recessed channel along the front allows the cable to pass through two opposing dummy tensioners at an angle. This allows them to be used on both level or angled pass-through posts.

Transitional Post Hole Protector

The dummy tensioner serves a functional purpose when it is used on transitional posts that break a straight run. Key locations can include posts at the top of a stair run, two-post corner configurations, and 45-degree turns along deck or loft railing. Wherever the cable changes direction as it enters or exits a pass-through post, the dummy tensioner protects the post hole from abrasion and the resulting lateral compression load. This is especially valuable in softer wood species like cedar or redwood. The additional threading on dummy tensioner bodies significantly improves holding strength and makes them ideal for use with composite or vinyl post sleeves and veneers.

Oversize Columns

Large intermediate posts or columns can be especially difficult to accurately drill through using thinner bits. Even with the help of drill guides, thinner, less rigid bits will tend to wander as the wood grain varies over longer distances. Using dummy tensioners along intermediate columns allows for drilling up to a 9/16-inch pass-through hole without compromising the cable support function of the intermediate post. Compared to a 3/16-inch drill bit, the larger size is far less likely to wander resulting in cleaner, level pass-through holes.


Each Cap is machined from 316-grade stainless steel and uses the Cable Bullet Driver for installation. Installation in hardwood posts requires the use of the Cable Bullet threading tool (sold separately).