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Use with soft or hardwood posts


Use with vinyl or composite post sleeves


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Use with structural masonry posts or columns


Aluminum posts, matching handrail, and stainless steel cable railing.

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Vertical cable railing with aluminum posts and rail.

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All stainless integrated post and tensioning cable railing.

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How to install cable rail kits in wood, metal, or masonry posts.

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How to install Signature series posts, handrail, and cable infill.

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How to install Venture series posts, handrail, and cable infill.

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Cable Rail Tensioner Kit for Wood Posts


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Connect your cable to any wood post

Add a modern touch to your wood railing, and enjoy a clearer view from your deck, patio or stairs. Our patented system tensions cables inside the post without any bulky external hardware. Each tensioner is simple to install, so you can enjoy beautiful results whether you're a DIYer or a professional installer.

    Machined from marine-grade T316 stainless steel for maximum strength.

    Available in 3 sizes to fit basic or wrapped wood posts, interior or exterior projects.

    Threaded for use with any softwood or domestic/tropical hardwood.

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Universal Ends, No Turnbuckles, Easy Installation

Enjoy the sleek look of cable railing without the bulky, external hardware. Cable Bullet tensioners fasten inside the post on either side, so you don't have to drill through posts or stagger cables around corners. Each cable end is interchangeable, so there's no distinction between tensioning and non-tensioning ends. Use the same, universal hardware for straight, angled, and sloped railing sections.

Cable Bullet wood post tensioners are threaded for optimal holding strength in both soft and hardwood posts.

Simple Tensioning

Internal tensioning for a cleaner view. Easily tighten your cables without the extra hassle of turnbuckles or tensioning and non-tensioning ends. The process is so straightforward, anyone can do it!

Universal Hardware, Less Complexity

Say goodbye to complex systems with different ends & uses. Cable Bullet tensioners use the same mechanism for straight, sloped, & angled runs.

Low Maintenance

Spend less time treating your railing & more time enjoying the view! Cable railing only requires a quick cleaning once a year, unless your project is in a coastal environment.

High-Quality, U.S. Made

Have the confidence your railing is built to last with quality, U.S. made components. Tensioners are designed for strength and machined from durable marine-grade T316 stainless steel. Corrosion-resistant for both indoor & outdoor projects.

Product Details

Each tensioner kit includes all the fittings necessary to anchor and tension a single cable end:

(1) Cable Bullet for wood posts

(1) Crimp sleeve

(1) Lobed washer

(1) #10-32 x 1/4" half dog socket set screw

My Project

The wood cable rail hardware is available in three sizes with identical tensioning capabilities:

Standard 1-1/2" Bullet:Perfect for basic direct-to-post applications.

XL 1-7/8" Bullet:Has a longer shank and additional threads. It's designed for wood-wrapped posts (e.g. cedar-wrapped pine). The added length allows it to pass through the outer veneer and make full contact with the inner post, avoiding tension on the wrap itself.

XXL 2-3/4" Bullet:For maximum length when drilling through multiple thicker veneer layers.

Every cable run will require 2 tensioner kits, 1 for each cable end.

To calculate the number of kits required for your project, simply add up the number of terminal cable ends along your railing. Use the same kit on level or sloped runs up to 20 feet long.

All Cable Bullet cable railing kits fit exclusively with 5/32" cable. If your project includes sloped or angled rail sections, we highly recommend using 7x7 cable. The additional flexibility of the 7x7 cable braid allows for cleaner lines and tighter angles between staggered posts.

Shop 5/32" 316 Stainless Steel Cable 7x7 >

Overall costs will vary widely by project design and layout. The average cost per foot will fluctuate based on span lengths, rail height, and handrail selection.

A base estimate for projects using tensioner kits for wood posts:

$40-45 / linear foot of railing*

*Average cost is based on a standard 12' x 24' deck with one short set of stairs and approximately 50'-60' of 36" high railing, 6' average post spacing with spacer bar kits. Tools not included.

Want a more accurate estimate specific to your layout? 
Fill out the short Estimate Form, and our project support team will send you a cost estimate, project layout recommendations, and a complete materials list free of charge.

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