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Cable Bullet Handrail Clamp


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Avoid costly mistakes and ease the installation of Cable Bullet aluminum handrail with Signature Series posts. 

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Ease your aluminum handrail installation & avoid costly misalignments

The Cable Bullet handrail clamp is designed to ease the installation of the reinforced aluminum handrail with Signature Series posts. The handrail clamp captures the aluminum handrail and the stainless steel pivot top included on every Signature Series post. Once secured, the handrail can be drilled and screwed to the post without the risk of your handrail shifting during the process.

The handrail clamp also allows the stainless steel post top saddle to be removed from the pivot while still securely connected to the handrail. This is especially convenient for complex or angled sections because it allows you to drill and secure your handrail in a controlled setting. Once completed, the post top saddle and handrail are easily re-attached to the post.

For longer runs that span multiple posts or include splines, consider ordering 2 or more clamps to further simplify the installation.