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Shop Memorial Day deals 🇺🇸

Kits for Sleeved Posts

Easily upgrade your vinyl or composite deck railing with our DIY-friendly hardware. Creating your dream view has never been easier.
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Cable Rail Kits for Sleeved Posts

Explore our do-it-yourself railing system featuring USA-made cable, tensioners, and hardware. Find everything you need to create your dream view.
Original price $ 12.95 - Original price $ 17.95
Original price
$ 12.95 - $ 17.95
$ 12.95 - $ 17.95
Current price $ 12.95

Cable Rail Tensioner Kit for Vinyl or Composite Post Sleeves

In stock—ships is 1–3 business days

Installing cable railing infill is the perfect makeover for your vinyl or composite deck! Our slim, yet sturdy cables allow for unobstructed views ...

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Original price $ 12.95 - Original price $ 17.95
Original price
$ 12.95 - $ 17.95
$ 12.95 - $ 17.95
Current price $ 12.95

Here's what you'll need:

A smart system designed for quality, strength, and elegance.

Easy Installation

Easily tighten your cables without the extra hassle or bulky hardware.

No External Hardware

Say goodbye to ugly turnbuckles and say hello to clean, minimal connections.

Universal Tensioning

No more complex systems with different ends & uses. Cable Bullet tensioners use the same mechanism for straight, sloped, & angled runs.

High Quality

Every inch of this system is made with high quality components, featuring T316 stainless steel.

Made in the USA

All components are crafted in the USA and manufactured with the utmost precision and care.

Better Views

Start enjoying a cleaner view with railing that’s clean & minimal.

All Hands on Deck

Fifteen creative minds gathered for a week of early mornings and late nights under the threat of a tropical storm to transform a plain patio into a bright and inviting oasis.

Cable Railing Inspiration

Backyard Deck Renovation

Cable Bullet & Maker’s Challenge Central teamed up to create the perfect backyard space.

Tiki Bar

Cable railing opens up the view from this Tampa, Florida tiki bar making drinks even more enjoyable.

A Perfect View of the Ocean

Night or day—views of this tropical paradise only got better with cable railing.

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Get an Easy Estimate

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