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Cable Rail Tensioner Kit for Wood Posts


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Clean, simple, modern

Open up the view from your deck, patio, or stairway. Our patented tensioning system built in to every Cable Bullet tensioner make this a simple yet versatile cable rail system perfect for DIY and professional contractors. The hidden tensioning mechanism means less visual clutter and more of what you really care about; your view.

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  • Universal ends, no turnbuckles, easy installation

    Every Cable Bullet kit includes the same basic components: a tensioner “Bullet”, a lobed washer, crimp sleeve, and set screw used to anchor and tension one end of a single cable run. Cable Bullet tensioners are fastened to the inside of the post on either side, eliminating the need to drill through the post or stagger your cables around corners. Each cable end is universal and interchangeable, meaning there is no distinction between tensioning and non-tensioning ends. Furthermore, the same hardware can be used on straight, angled or sloped railing sections. Cable Bullet wood post tensioners are threaded for optimal holding strength in both soft and hardwood posts.

  • Installation Instructions

    1 | General Guidelines

    End posts should be spaced no more than 20 feet apart and must be braced top and bottom to support the combined tension of every cable run within a section (150–200# per run). Corner posts must be tensioning (not pass through) for cable runs to stop and start. To minimize cable deflection, add intermediate (pass-through) cable support posts every 3-½ to 4 feet. Cable runs should be spaced 3" apart.

    2 | Preparing Your Posts

    Wood post Bullets are designed to work with both soft and hardwood posts. To ease the installation process, each Bullet is self-tapping. Use a 9/16-inch auger bit to drill your holes. The depth will vary based on the Bullet size you're using. Avoid using spade bits as these are more likely to result in uneven holes.

    In domestic and tropical hardwood posts e.g. maple or oak, and Ipe, drill and pre-thread your Bullet holes using the Cable Bullet Hardwood Tap (sold separately).

    Note:If you are using XL or XXL Bullets to anchor to wrapped posts, through sheetrock, or exterior walls, you will need to drill a ⅝” hole through your veneer only to match the diameter of the smooth shank of the Bullet and ease installation. Your center post or stud should still be drilled with a 9/16” bit to guarantee a strong hold for the Bullet threads.

    3 | Installing Cable Bullet Kits

    The Cable Bullet InstallationKit (sold separately) is required to set all endpoints, securely fasten cable ends, and tension each section. It includes Bullet and set-screw drivers as well as amodified YYQ-300 16-ton manual hydraulic crimper that's been refitted with a custom hexagonal die. The hexagonal crimp along the full length of the crimp sleeve is necessary to securely fasten each endpoint under tension. Because crimp sleeves are machined from marine grade stainless steel, they are extremely difficult to crimp using standard cable crimpers.

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    For full details & installation instructions see How it Works.

What's included in a kit?

Each cable rail tensioner kit includes all the fittings necessary to anchor and tension a single cable end:
(1) Cable Bullet for wood posts, (1) crimp sleeve, (1) lobed washer, (1) #10-32 x 1/4" half dog socket set screw.

Choosing the right size tensioner

Our wood cable rail hardware is available in three sizes; the standard 1-1/2-inch long Bullet, and the XL 1-7/8-inch and XXL 2-3/4-inch version. The standard hardware is perfect for basic direct-to-post applications. The XL version has a longer shank and additional threads. It was designed for use with wood-wrapped posts (e.g. cedar-wrapped pine), where the added length allows it to pass through the outer sleeve and make full contact with the inner post, avoiding tension on the sleeve itself. Select the XXL Bullet for maximum length when drilling through multiple veneer layers. All three sizes have identical tensioning capabilities as the set screw channel length does not vary by size.

How many Cable Bullet kits should I order?

Every single cable run will require two Cable Bullet tensioner kits to complete, one for each end. To calculate the number of kits required for your project, simply add up the number of terminal cable ends along your railing. Use the same kit on level or sloped runs up to 20 feet long.

If you have questions, or would like assistance with quoting your project, give us a call or submit an estimate request.

High-Quality Material & Craftsmanship

To guarantee long-lasting durability and beauty, Cable Bullet hardware is machined from high-quality type 316 marine grade stainless steel and made exclusively in the U.S.A..

What cable should I use?

All Cable Bullet cable railing kits were designed exclusively for use with 5/32" cable. If your project includes sloped or angled rail sections, we highly recommend using 7x7 cable. The additional flexibility of the 7x7 cable braid allows for cleaner lines and tighter angles between staggered posts.

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