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Cable Rail Post Hole Cover Kit


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Give your pass-through posts a finishing touch

A decorative stainless steel cover designed for cable pass-through holes on intermediate wood, vinyl, composite, or aluminum posts. Ideal for straight or angled pass-through posts, where a clean, high-end finished look is desirable. Covers any visible wear around post holes, wood splintering or blowout. Post hole covers are machine finished and designed to mimic the look and feel of Cable Bullet tensioners.

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Cable Bullet post hole covers are designed for use with 3/16"-1/4" max. cable pass-through holes. Larger holes will not allow the screw to anchor to the post.

Each post hole cover is secured to the post with one #4-24 x 5/8" stainless steel 6-lobe socket head cap screw, using a T10 x 2" star drive power bit (sold separately). The screw will self-tap in softwood posts. For hardwood posts, thin aluminum (1/16" thick), and composite or vinyl sleeves drill a 3/32" pilot hole. For thicker aluminum walls (1/8"-1/4") drill a 7/64" hole and use a manual screwdriver. Using a drill increases the likelihood of snapping the screw off in thicker aluminum.


Sold individually, one cap and one screw each. Order two for each cable pass-through hole.

Made in the USA.

Please Note

For pass-through posts that break a straight run, e.g. a pass-through post at the top of a set of stairs, or a two-post corner configuration, we recommend using Cable Bullet dummy tensioners for added strength.