FISCH® 5/8" Wave Cutter Forstner Bit

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Drill clean holes through vinyl or composite post sleeves

The 5/8" wave cutter Forstner bit is designed for drilling smooth, precision holes in soft or hardwood, laminates, and PVC materials. The wave-shaped spurs cut with less power than a standard Forstner bit. This makes it an ideal choice for pre-drilling vinyl or composite post sleeves, before drilling the 9/16" pilot hole needed for Cable Bullet tensioners. In addition, the center point minimizes the likelihood your drill bit will travel when drilling especially vinyl sleeves.

Pilot holes for treated wood posts

The wave cutter Forstner bit may also be used to drill shallow pilot holes in wood posts. Drill a 1/4" deep hole (max.) in stained or painted wood posts, before drilling your 9/16" pilot hole. Using the slightly larger 5/8" Forstner bit to break the post surface will help prevent splintering or lifting of the treated wood fibers while installing the Cable Bullet tensioners.

Wave cutter Forstner bits are made from forged and heat-treated steel for long-lasting durability and precision. Made in Austria.

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