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    How It Works

    Every Cable Bullet system—wood post, metal post, and sleeved post hardware—shares the same basic design, functionality, and tensioning system. However, each system does have unique components and separate installation instructions.

    Watch a quick product installation demo for installing tensioners on a wood post deck.

    Watch a full installation video for Signature Series posts, handrail, and Cable Bullet tensioners for metal posts.

    Installation Instructions:

    Wood Post Installation Instructions

    Sleeved Post Installation Instructions

    Metal Post Intallation Instructions

    Cable Bullet Installation

    Below is a step-by-step demonstration on installing the Cable Bullet cable rail system on a cedar post deck.

    Step 1: Measure and mark each end post every three inches.

    Step 2:Mark each end post on center at every 3” mark.

    Step 3: At each 3" mark, drill a 9/16" hole to 1-1/2" depth.

    Step 4: Chuck Bullet driver and attach Bullet.

    Step 5: Set Bullets for both end posts.

    Step 6: Place lobed washer on cable end.

    Step 7: Place crimp sleeve on cable end.

    Step 8: Crimp sleeve flush with cable end.

    Step 9: Confirm crimp sleeve is set tight. Check for a fully domed hex crimp.

    Step 10: Insert crimped cable end into Bullet.

    Step 11: Advance set screw until flush with Bullet face.

    Step 12: Pull cable tight to opposite Bullet and measure 1" longer than face of Bullet.

    Step 13: Cut cable.

    Step 14: Repeat steps 6–11 for the cable end you just cut to length.

    Step 15: Once all cable runs in one section have been installed, finish tensioning each cable by advancing each set screw.


    If you would like more information about our cable rail system, have project specific questions, or need a quote, please feel free to contact us.

    Cable Railing for Wood Posts:

    Cable Railing for Sleeved Posts:

    Cable Railing for Metal Posts: