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Cable rail kits and components designed for your posts

Upgrade your existing railing to cable railing using Cable Bullet tensioner kits. Safely and securely tension your cables out of sight.

Made exclusively in the USA.

Use with soft or hardwood posts

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Use with vinyl or composite post sleeves


Use with Signature series or custom metal posts


Use with structural masonry posts or columns


Installation tools, parts & supplies

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Signature Series Cable Railing

Signature series cable railing features heavy-duty aluminum posts, reinforced handrail, and Cable Bullet patented stainless steel tensioner kits.

Made exclusively in the USA.

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Top/surface mount posts, cable rail kits & cable

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Side/fascia mount posts, cable rail kits & cable

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Handrail, splines & mounting brackets

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Installation tools, parts & supplies

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Signature Series Railing

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Posts, Handrail, with Stainless Steel Cables

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Top or surface mount railing designed for use with Cable Bullet tensioner kits

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Side mount cable railing designed for use with Cable Bullet tensioner kits

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All-In-One, Integrated Post+Tensioning System

Venture series cable railing is the first ever fully integrated post and cable tensioning system. The patented Cable Bullet mechanism is machined directly into solid stainless steel posts for a sleek, modern look that's as beautiful as it is strong.

Made exclusively in the USA.

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Top/surface mount posts & cable


Side/fascia mount posts & cable


Handrail, splines & mounting brackets


Installation tools, parts & supplies


Guides & Instructions

Helpful resources and guides for installing and maintaining your cable railing.

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Guides for installing the Cable Bullet system

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Video tutorials and projects, including complete system installations

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Instructions for treating and preserving your cable railing

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Reinforced Aluminum Handrail



208 in Stock - Ships in 3-10 Business Days

Heavy-duty, reinforced aluminum handrail designed for use with all Signature Series posts and railing.


  • The reinforced design allows for 7-9 ft spans between posts. Piece together continuous runs using heavy-duty aluminum splines that don't require underlying structural support!
  • Meets IRC guidelines for handrail grip-size for use on stair runs.
  • No bulky rail caps! Connect handrail pieces with splines for a clean, finished look.
  • Available in super-durable flat black or flat white powder-coat.
  • Avoid costly oversize or freight delivery charges - 93” sticks are sized to meet UPS Ground specifications.

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  • Heavy-Duty with a Slim Design

    Structural Integrity that Won't Ruin Your View

    Cable Bullet handrail is designed to provide you with the strongest possible top rail, with the least visual obstruction to your view. The high-strength T-6061 aluminum and reinforced design allow this handrail to span 7-9 ft with minimal deflection under load! Use Cable Bullet spacer bars and ultra-slim Signature series intermediate posts for the best possible balance between strength and beauty. Extend your runs, and space your more expensive, and bulky, support posts further apart without worrying about the structural integrity of your railing or the cost to your wallet.

    Additionally, our top rail meets IRC guidelines for grip-size, making it not only a durable structural top rail for your deck or landing but also a seamless, modern handrail for your stairways or ramps.

    PLEASE NOTE: Aluminum posts and handrail are NOT suitable for use in exterior coastal applications. Signature series railing is designed for inland exterior and interior projects. Exposure to salt will cause accelerated oxidation and galvanic corrosion between aluminum and stainless components.

    Clean, Continuous Spans, With Fewer Custom Cuts

    In order to create a clean, continuous top rail for your deck or stairs, our handrail was designed to be easily pieced together using structural aluminum splines. These heavy-duty splines allow you to connect your handrail pieces at any point along your run, regardless of where you place your structural posts! Handrail pieces joined using structural aluminum splines do not need to be supported at the joint. As an added benefit, splines are hidden from view, so you won’t need bulky covers that sit on top of your handrail.

    All handrail is sold in 93” lengths and can be cut down on-site as needed. To join corners, use Delrin plastic corner splines. For complex handrail angles, use 18" spline stock to make any custom spline necessary to meet your project specifications.

    Before Getting Started

    Almost all handrail will require some on-site customization. Depending on your project layout, customizing aluminum handrail may require advanced skills in measuring, cutting, and basic metalwork. If you are not comfortable with your abilities in these areas, we recommend that you consult a local contractor who can help you complete your project to your specifications.

    Estimating material requirements

    To determine how much handrail you will need, count the total linear inches of railing you have, divide by 93, and round up. This will provide you with a rough estimate of how many handrail pieces you will need to order for your project.

  • Installation


    • #8 x 3/4" Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Screws (Flat Head) - 4 screws per post
    • Compound miter saw equipped with a metal cutting blade
    • Touch-up paint
    • Dead-blow hammer or rubber mallet
    • Fine metal file
    • Shop rags
    • construction adhesive/epoxy (optional)
    • Scotch-Brite pads (optional)

    Please Note:

    Our handrail was designed to be customized to meeting your project needs on-site, so be sure you are comfortable doing the necessary metalwork and have the required tools and experience.

    You should also consider that preparing and installing handrail around stairs can be complicated, as it requires advanced skills in measuring and cutting angles.

    If you are not comfortable with these aspects of your project, we suggest you consult with a local builder or contractor to help you with handrail installation.

    Getting Started

    Once you have installed all structural posts, you may begin installing your handrail. You can set your Cable Bullet tensioners and run your cables, however, do not tension them until after the handrail has been secured or your posts will pull out of alignment as you tension the cables.

    Measuring & cutting handrail pieces

    To avoid unnecessary waste, start by piecing together your longest continuous runs.

    Always use fresh blades, quality tools, and cut slowly to avoid miscuts and ragged edges. Use a fine file to get rid of any burrs that may occur after cutting to ensure the handrail and spline will fit properly together. If you are using our powder-coated handrail, we recommend marking your cut locations with painter's tape. This way if there are any scratches or chips as a result of cutting, you can spray touch-up paint before removing the tape, creating a nice, clean edge.

    Connecting Handrail Using Splines

    Once you have determined where you will connect handrail with the splines and made all the necessary cuts, you can begin the process of connecting the pieces with the splines.

    Use structural aluminum splines on all continuous level runs. Delrin plastic corner splines are available for 90-degree angles. Use the Delrin spline stock to cut and join custom splines for complex irregular angles. Custom spline pieces can be joined with deck screws. When working on complex handrail transition angles it is best to start by joining your smallest pieces first and working your way out.

    You will need a rubber mallet or dead-blow hammer to properly set your splines. Our handrail is manufactured with inner channels that slide into the splines to connect the two pieces. They are designed to be a tight fit, so you shouldn’t need additional methods to secure them. However, should the need arise, you can counter-sink a sheet metal screw through the underside of your handrail into the spline.

    Attaching the Handrail to Your Posts

    Cable Bullet’s handrail is designed for use with our Signature Series Posts. Use the ¼” Spanner Nut Bit to loosen the two threaded pins on either side of the stainless steel post top. Once your handrail is set in place, mark and drill pilot holes for each top mount (if you are using #8 - 3/4" stainless steel sheet metal screws, drill a 5/32" pilot hole). Secure the handrail, then tighten the threaded pins.

    Note: To ease the installation of the handrail you may detach the u-shaped top-mounting bracket from the post top completely by removing both threaded pins. Detaching and installing the top-mounting bracket is especially helpful when installing a handrail on sloping runs, or where spacing is tight.

    Finishing the Project

    Once you have installed the handrail onto the posts, you can install the end caps. Our end caps are designed to be a tight fit, so it should hold fine, but we recommend using a construction adhesive/epoxy to ensure it remains secure over time.

    After installation, if you notice any scratches on your powder coat handrail or metal posts, we recommend using a touch-up paint to correct them.

    Once your handrail has been installed you are free to complete the Cable Bullet tensioner installation.

  • Specifications

    Application: Recommended for interior & inland exterior projects
    Color Option 1: Flat Black, TCI 9030-90922 Super Durable Powder Coat (5-15% sheen)*
    Color Option 2: Flat White, T1-WH18 Powder Coat*
    Material: Type 6061 Aluminum

    *Powder coat colors can vary slightly by production run.

  • Dimensions

    Overall Length: 93"
    Height: 1.240"
    Width: 1.920"
    Perimeter: 6.100"
    Wall Thickness: 0.225" Sides, 0.225" top/bottom