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Cable Bullet Installation Kit


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This installation kit includes all the tools necessary to install any Cable Bullet system.

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The Right Tools for the Job

The Modified Manual Hydraulic Crimping Tool is used to securely fasten crimp sleeves to cable endpoints. This tool is a standard YYQ-300 Hydraulic Crimping Tool refitted specifically for use with the Cable Bullet cable rail system. It includes a custom hexagonal die made of hardened tool steel, designed to crimp Cable Bullet crimp sleeves. The YYQ-300 Hydraulic Crimping Tool has the necessary 16-ton pressure capacity to comfortably crimp the 316 stainless steel sleeves. The result is a clean, even hexagonal crimp along the length of the sleeve which guarantees each line will hold under pressure once tensioned. To download instructions for best practices when using the crimper, see Crimper Tool: Use, Maintenance, & Troubleshooting.

This kit also includes a crimper stand (for one-handed use), a pair of cable cutters designed for cutting 5/32" steel wire, two custom drivers for use with a 1/2" chuck drill/driver to set Bullets. For projects using more than 100 Cable Bullet kits, consider ordering additional drivers. Tropical hardwood posts may require additional drivers.

Use the 3/32" Allen Wrench or 6" Hex Socket Head Power Bit to advance the set screws that tension each cable run.

Each installation kit includes:

  • (1) 16 Ton Hydraulic Crimping Tool
  • (1) Heavy-Duty Plastic Carrying Case
  • (1) Die Set for Crimping Tool
  • (1) Crimper stand
  • (1) HIT® 22-WRC75 Hand-Held Wire Rope Cable Cutter
  • (2) Cable Bullet Drivers
  • (1) Allen Wrench (3/32")
  • (1) 6" Hex Socket Head Power Bit (3/32")
  • (1) Spare parts bundle (10 set screws, 10 lobed washers, 10 crimp sleeves)