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Signature Series Post Hole Plug

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Use this stainless steel plug to close off the holes in any Signature Series terminal post as needed. This is especially useful on stair runs where the bottom or top cable runs may not be needed.

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Post Hole Plug specifications:

DIY Level: Beginner


"Excellent service- especially when we had to return/exchange a few items to switch from side mount to top mount. It was all so easy!"

—Laurel K.

"Cable bullet is no joke... Great product"

—Lisa R.

"This system exceeded my expectations, high quality materials, well engineered and most of all looks great."

—Brian P.

"Great company, great website, awesome customer service, and the best product out there from installation to the way it looks! Cable bullet won't disappoint you."

—Bill S.

"Very pleased with the product and the service from Cable Bullet. Shipping time was extremely fast on my products. I will gladly recommend this product to anyone looking for a cable railing system!!!!"

—Art W.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cable railing difficult to install?

You don’t have to be a professional to install our railing—but don’t take our word for it. Thousands of DIYers agree with us! Check out this tutorial video—we’ll let you decide for yourself. Our most DIY-friendly systems include our cable railing kits, Signature Series, Summit Series and Venture Series—our Venture Series railing is also easy to install, but the handrail requires a bit more skill and specialized cutting tools.

How long does it take to install cable railing?

Depending on the project, installation can take anywhere from a few hours to several days. Most of our customers have reported back a standard 10x12 deck using our Signature Series railing can be completed in a weekend. 

How much does cable railing cost?

Our cable railing price is mid-range, and varies in cost depending on which system you’re purchasing. Generally, if you’re installing on a standard 12’ x 24’ deck with 36” railing, your project cost will range from $40-$50 per linear foot with our kits, to $85-$90 per linear foot with our Signature or Summit, and finally $170-$180 per linear foot with our Venture Series.

While there are cheaper options available globally, we believe that our product strikes the best balance between affordability and quality. Our system is designed to be affordable without sacrificing quality, and we are committed to supporting American manufacturing. By selling directly to you, the installer, we are able to avoid high markups to distributors or middlemen, which allows us to offer our product at a more competitive price point.

How much maintenance does cable railing require?

Maintaining cable railing is a breeze! Typically, we recommend re-tensioning your cable 1-2 times, but once your deck/installation surface has settled and experienced a full weather cycle (if you’re installing outdoors), it should not be necessary to re-tension cables. This usually means re-tensioning after the first season and again after one year.

For stainless steel or aluminum systems, we recommend cleaning with Boeshield T-9. For coastal areas, we suggest using a marine-grade cleaner and more frequent cleanings for optimal maintenance.

Does cable railing rust?

T316 marine-grade stainless steel (which is what many of our components are made of) is designed to last in harsh environments, but it requires proper maintenance and protection to avoid rusting, especially in coastal areas.To determine the cleaning and maintenance schedule, consider the amount of salt water and UV exposure your railing is coming into contact with. We recommend cleaning and using Boeshield T-9 on stainless steel right after installation to remove possible scratches or dirt transfer. Regular maintenance is crucial to avoid rusting, but if done correctly, your railing should be just fine.

Does cable railing meet code?

Our cable railing is designed to meet our interpretation IRC guidelines, but ultimately you are responsible for making sure your project is up to code. What we can't account for are additional state and local building code addendums. Most of the country has adopted the IRC but many areas have chosen to add their own clarifications. Most projects start with acquiring a building permit and will allow you to ensure your project is compliant. You can also find your state and local code on the International Code Council's (ICC) website.

Is cable railing safe for kids?

Kids are natural climbers and will likely try to climb any type of railing, including residential guard railings that are designed primarily for fall protection. While vertical railing may be more challenging to climb, there is always a risk associated with unsupervised children on decks and stairways. Therefore, it is recommended to consider the specific needs of your children when selecting a railing design for your project. If safety is a concern, we’d recommend our Summit Series vertical railing.

How far can cable railing span?

Spacing posts 7' apart? No problem! Cable Bullet systems can go beyond the industry standard of 4' post spacing while ensuring structural soundness. And for added cable support and stability, just throw in a spacer bar.

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