For setting cables in

soft or hardwood posts

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For fitting cables through

vinyl or composite post sleeves


Tensioners, posts & handrail for

aluminum or steel railing


For anchoring cables to

masonry posts or columns


Guides for installing the Cable Bullet system

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Instructions for treating and preserving your cable railing

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About Us

"There has got to be a better way"

In 2012 I had a project that called for cable railing.  Looking at what was available, the thought kept coming to mind "There has got to be a better way.".

There were nice looking and easy to install systems, but "wow" were they expensive! There were cheap systems, but the aesthetics seemed lacking. And then there were all the parts and pieces.....fixed ends, tensioning ends, straight and sloped ends, through the post ends, or surface mount ends. On and on it went. "There has got to be a better way."

Several years (and a lot of evenings and weekends in the shop) later, we have a new system that is simple and elegant. It installs the same way in any application. It is aesthetically consistent in any application. Straight and sloped applications—same look. Metal or wood posts—same look. Different ends of the run—same look.

In any application the tensioning is done inside the bullet within the post. An elegant look with no caps or nuts on the opposite side of the post. No surface-mount, inline tensioner to clutter up short runs.  Just cable disappearing into a stainless disk. Elegant, simple, and intuitive.

We'd like to thank David Johnson, Bobby Jordan, and David Dailey, exceptional builders and fine craftsmen, for installing first-generation products and providing valuable feed-back, Indiana University's Maurer School of Law for patent application support, and the excellent machinists here in northern Indiana who make our product proudly in America.

Daniel Schlatter
Owner & Inventor

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