Terms & Conditions

Internal testing by Perspective 361, LLC demonstrates that a properly crimped end (using our tool) can be tensioned to 250# and support a 150# load mid span per cable run.

It is the interpretation of Perspective 361, LLC that the IRC code requires each cable strand to support a minimum of 50# and that a one square foot area i.e. three cable runs combined support 200#.

IRC code also requires that a four inch sphere not be able to pass through the space between cable runs. It is the responsibility of the installer to verify that local building code does not require both a 50# per square foot load and a four inch sphere. In cases where code does require this, Perspective 361, LLC recommends closer cable run spacing.

Cable Bullet cable rail system is intended for residential interior and exterior railing infill only. It is the installers responsibility to verify that the installed system meets all local codes. Perspective 361, LLC will not be held responsible for damages due to improperly installed systems and will not be held liable for anything beyond the cost of items purchased at their original purchase price.

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