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Hidden Tensioning Hardware

At each end of your run the Cable Bullet (1) is fastened securely to the post. The crimped cable end (2) holds the lobed washer (3) in place, while a set screw (4) is advanced to tension the line on both ends. Once installed, the entire tensioning system is concealed within your post.

The result is a minimal cable run free of any unnecessary obstructions to your view.

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Built-in Versatility

Universal ends that anchor inside the post—instead of through the post—don’t just look cleaner, they’re also more versatile and easier to install. Tensioners don’t need to be offset or staggered around end posts and can be used on level or angled runs without additional hardware.

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Extend the length of your runs between intermediate posts by adding Cable Bullet spacer bars to your railing. Adding spacer bars will significantly cut down on cable deflection, while allowing you to space your bulkier and more expensive support posts up to 7 feet apart!

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