For setting cables in

    soft or hardwood posts

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    For fitting cables through

    vinyl or composite post sleeves

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    Tensioners, posts & handrail for

    aluminum or steel railing

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    For anchoring cables to

    masonry posts or columns

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    Guides for installing the Cable Bullet system

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    Instructions for treating and preserving your cable railing

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    Cable railing designed to beautify, not block your view

    Cable Bullet was designed to provide the cleanest possible cable rail profile, use only high-quality components, and be easy enough to install for professionals and homeowners alike. Our patented technology built into every tensioner allows each cable to fasten neatly to the inside of the post, hidden away, leaving your view unobstructed! To keep installation as simple as possible, each end is interchangeable and can be used on level or angled runs. Because quality craftsmanship is as important to us as it is to you, Cable Bullet is designed and manufactured exclusively in the U.S.A.

    Start your project with confidence, add lasting beauty to your home, and enjoy your view for years to come!

    1 universal tensioning mechanism, 4 ways to connect

    Cable railing without all the complexity

    Choose the cable rail tensioner designed for your posts:


    Tensioners for setting cables in
    soft or hardwood posts


    Tensioners for fitting cables through
    vinyl or composite post sleeves


    Tensioners, posts, & handrail for
    aluminum or steel railing


    Tensioners for anchoring cables to
    masonry posts or columns

    Cable Bullet patented tensioning system:

    The alternative to bulky turnbuckles

    Whether you're anchoring to wood, steel, stone, sleeved posts—or even an interior or exterior wall—every Cable Bullet contains the same patented tensioning system, designed to conceal as much hardware as possible for a clean, modern look. 

    Here's how it works

    At each end of your run the Cable Bullet (1) is fastened securely to the post. The crimped cable end (2) holds the lobed washer (3) in place, while a set screw (4) is advanced to tension the line on both ends. Once installed, the entire tensioning system is concealed within your post.

    The result is a minimal cable run free of any unnecessary obstructions to your view.

    Don't just take it from us

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    Start your project with confidence

    Your success is our priority, which means we're committed to your satisfaction from start to finish.  

    We understand that our long-term success is tied to your satisfaction with our system, and our service. Our goal will always be to provide you with the best possible advice and supplies you need to confidently complete your cable rail project.

    Don't like what you ordered? Return it absolutely free of charge. 

    Need something different? We'll never charge you a fee for making an exchange.

    And once your project is complete, return any unused parts for a full or partial refund.