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Boeshield T-9® Rust & Corrosion Protection: Waterproof Lubricant



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Protect Your Investment

In order to protect your cable railing and hardware from oxidation and exposure to environments and chemicals that may accelerate the aging process, we recommend using Boeshield T-9 to help clean and protect it. This is especially important for exterior projects in coastal environments or in a location with exposure to high concentrations of salt air and spray or acid rain. T-9 applied to the internal tensioning mechanism will protect and lubricate the moving parts for smoother tensioning over time.

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Preventative Maintenance for Your Cable Railing

Boeshield T-9 works to prevent rust and corrosion. It displaces moisture, and when it dries, leaves a coating that protects the metal from the elements for months. How long the product protects before necessary reapplication depends on the type of environment your cable railing is exposed to.

Depending on your post material, we offer two different application methods for Boeshield T-9.

Tensioner Kits for Wood Posts:

The Boeshield T-9 4 oz squeeze bottle application is ideal for our wood post system as it allows for a more precise application of the product to the stainless steel components. You will want to avoid getting Boeshield T-9 on the wood, as it may stain it.

The Boeshield T-9 4 oz squeeze bottle application should be applied to all exposed components of the cable railing system. In order to maintain your cable railing system, you must keep the set screw channel free of rust and dust build-up so it will tension properly. This option is ideal for ease of application into the set screw channel because of its narrow tip. For all other stainless steel components, we recommend that you squeeze some lubricant onto a soft cloth or sponge and then apply to all exposed components of your cable railing system.

Tensioner Kits for Metal Posts:

Because Boeshield T-9 works well with both aluminum and stainless steel components, we recommend using the Boeshield T-9 Rust & Corrosion Protection Waterproof Lubricant 4 oz aerosol spray application, as it allows you to more easily spray on all parts of the cable railing system (posts and tensioning components). To apply, simply spray all components and allow to air dry. For a lighter film, wipe off excess coating. If you are using wood posts or top rail for your project, we recommend that you use the Boeshield T-9 Rust & Corrosion Lubrication 4 oz squeeze bottle. If you prefer to use the aerosol spray, we recommend that you cover any exposed wood top rail, deck boards, or posts before application, or spray the lubricant onto a rag or sponge before applying to the stainless steel railing components.

How much T-9 should I order for my project?

Coverage requirements will vary greatly by project and are difficult to gauge for cable railing in general. The manufacturer estimates that 1 gallon of T-9 will treat a surface area of 500-1,000 square feet. A 4 oz container should be sufficient to treat a 15-30 square foot area.

How Often Should I Treat my Cable Railing?

To extend the life and beauty of your stainless steel railing, we recommend treating all components of your cable railing system after installation and then repeating the process at least once a year. If you live in coastal environments or areas with high exposure to acid rain, we recommend that you treat at least every 6 months or as needed. If you live in these environments, we also recommend that you purchase Boeshield RustFree to help eliminate rust and stains prior to your regularly scheduled maintenance.

Warnings & Restrictions


Boeshield T-9 is flammable, so please take care when storing it. This also means that we can only ship it to the 48 contiguous states, per UPS and the D.O.T shipping guidelines. If you are installing Cable Bullet outside of the 48 contiguous states, we recommend finding a local source or alternative treatment for your stainless steel components.