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Boeshield Rust Free™ Rust & Corrosion Cleaner


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Quickly Clean Rust, Corrosion & Stains

Use Boeshield RustFree to remove any rust, corrosion, or stains from your cable railing to help add to the longevity of your railing. If you use Boeshield T-9® Rust & Corrosion Protection, but you live in an environment with a lot of rain or salt air and spray, we recommend using Boeshield RustFree™ to help remove rust or stains prior to coating your cable rail tensioners, posts, or cable with Boeshield Rust & Corrosion Protection.

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Directions for Use

Rust Free contains phosphoric acid. Always make sure to protect your eyes and skin from contact with this product. Contact with Rust Free may cause severe burns. Take special care to protect your material surface and the surrounding area as well. Always test Rust Free on a hidden area of your project before broad application.

Rust Free is designed to work best in temperatures above 70° F. It is recommended for use on all bare stainless steel or aluminum hardware. Rust Free may also be used on cast iron, fiberglass, chrome, tile, porcelain, vinyl, and cloth. Use Boeshield T-9 after cleaning to protect and preserve your hardware.

Cleaning Light Rust Stains

For light rust, apply Boeshield RustFree to a soft cloth and wipe off rusty and spotted areas. Avoid spraying directly on the surface to minimize the risk of spotting.

Treating Heavy Rust

For heavy rust, spray directly on the rusted surface and scrub with a mildly abrasive pad. Wipe off and repeat as necessary. Wipe your surface clean and repeat the process as necessary. Please note that using an abrasive pad on your Cable Bullet hardware will alter the machine finish.

Warnings & Restrictions

  1. Rust Free contains phosphoric acid. Protect your eyes and skin from contact with this product, it may cause severe burns.
  2. When used with care and in compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations, Rust Free can add years of life to your railing. To avoid costly mistakes and damage to your hardware please consider the following cautionary warnings:
  3. Rust Free is acidic, always test its use on a hidden area.
  4. Whenever possible apply indirectly using a cloth or sponge. A direct spray can cause spotting on steel and cast iron surfaces.
  5. Immediately rinse off any accidental overspray on painted surfaces and clean thoroughly with soap and water. 
  6. Do not use on anodized or black oxide hardware.
  7. Rust Free can dull painted and plastic surfaces.
  8. This product is not for use on polished cast iron surfaces and is not intended for spot cleaning table tops.