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Free Shipping on orders $1,999+
Free Shipping on orders $1,999+

Kits for Wood Posts

Easily upgrade your new or existing wood railing with our DIY-friendly hardware for wood railing. Creating your dream view has never been easier—or more cost efficient.
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Cable Railing for Wood Posts

Discover the perfect blend of natural beauty and modern design with Cable Bullet's cable railing systems for wood posts. These railing kits and components are crafted to enhance any wooden structure, from classic decks to contemporary balconies, without obscuring your views.

Original price $ 11.45 - Original price $ 15.95
Original price
$ 11.45 - $ 15.95
$ 11.45 - $ 15.95
Current price $ 11.45

Cable Rail Tensioner Kit for Wood Posts

In stock—ships is 3–5 business days

Concealed cable tensioning allows your view, not your railing, to steal the show. Our slim, yet sturdy cables allow for unobstructed views from you...

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Original price $ 11.45 - Original price $ 15.95
Original price
$ 11.45 - $ 15.95
$ 11.45 - $ 15.95
Current price $ 11.45

Here's what you'll need:

A smart system designed for quality, strength, and elegance.

Easy Installation

Easily tighten your cables without the extra hassle or bulky hardware.

No External Hardware

Say goodbye to ugly turnbuckles and say hello to clean, minimal connections.

Universal Tensioning

No more complex systems with different ends & uses. Cable Bullet tensioners use the same mechanism for straight, sloped, & angled runs.

High Quality

Every inch of this system is made with high quality components, featuring T316 stainless steel.

Made in the USA

All components are crafted in the USA and manufactured with the utmost precision and care.

Better Views

Start enjoying a cleaner view with railing that’s clean & minimal.

See just how easy it is to install our system!

Watch Co-Founder, Chris Manduka, install one of our kits for wood posts.

Cable Railing Inspiration

Lakeside View

A couple from Winona Lake, IN, used Cable Bullet hardware to enhance their existing wood posts and open up their view.

Sol de Mar

Cable railing transformed this oceanfront vacation home in Kure Beach, North Carolina.

Modern Kitchen Staircase 

Whisking up a perfect blend of rustic charm and contemporary elegance.

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