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Size Chart - Cable Bullet Spacer Bar

Size Width Depth Height (Floating)* Height (Fixed)** Infill***
8-Hole 1/4” 1/4” 21-3/4” 24-3/8” 27"
9-Hole 1/4” 1/4” 24-3/4” 27-3/8” 30"
10-Hole 1/4” 1/4” 27-3/4” 30-3/8” 33"
11-Hole 1/4” 1/4” 30-3/4” 33-3/8” 36"
12-Hole 1/4” 1/4” 33-3/4” 36-3/8” 39"
13-Hole 1/4” 1/4” 36-3/4” 39-3/8” 42"

*Overall height of the spacer bar only.

**Height of the spacer bar with the standoff. This measurement does not include the two threaded ends of the standoff that attach to the spacer bar and top rail.

***To determine your infill, measure the height from the floor (or bottom rail) to the underside of your top rail.
The maximum infill height recommendation is based on 3-inch spacing between cable runs to allow for cable deflection and accommodate stricter interpretations of the International Residential Code (IRC).