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Cable Rail Project: Housewife Home Life Wood Railing Makeover

Cable Rail Project: Housewife Home Life Wood Railing Makeover

As a lifestyle vlogger, stay-at-home mom, and creator of the Housewife Home Life YouTube channel, Amber finds joy in making her home a welcoming space to work and thrive. Her latest home DIY project, updating her deck with cable railing, has given her family a cleaner view of their backyard and even increased the appraisal value of their property!

Watch Amber's full deck makeover video below!

This video highlights...


Getting Started

In the first weeks of summer 2020, Amber's list of home renovation projects included upgrading the wooden, multi-level deck overlooking her backyard. While cable railing was a new project for her, the simple design and ease of installation were two aspects of the Cable Bullet system that appealed to Amber. "We were looking for a way to give our deck an updated look without having to completely start from scratch," Amber described. "The Cable Bullet system looked easy enough for even beginners to be able to install."


The Finished Results

Using cable rail tensioner kits for wood posts and a fresh coat of paint, Amber and her husband successfully transformed their deck into an inviting space with a lovely view of their lush green yard and new fireplace.

"We cannot believe the difference it made in the deck. The best part is that we can be on the deck or down in the fire pit area and conversation can easily flow because there is nothing blocking our view. The end result was/is absolutely beautiful. We could not be happier with the way it turned out! We actually also had our house appraised recently and she included this in as an upgrade to the home and it was one of the items that increased the value of our house!"


Want to enjoy the same results as Amber? 

Start your own cable railing project today!

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