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Free Shipping on orders $1,999+
Cable Railing Project: Beaver Pond Road Wood & Sleeved Post Deck

Cable Railing Project: Beaver Pond Road Wood & Sleeved Post Deck

Perhaps one of the most impressive projects Cable Bullet has been a part of in 2020 was completed by Mary G.,
a 69-year-old homeowner in Massachusetts.

Mary’s incredible achievement of installing cable railing on all 3 of her decks by herself proves that cable railing is a project for anyone!


As residents of Norwood Pond since 2017, Mary and her husband have enjoyed the natural beauty of the pond and wildlife surrounding their home. But one thing was in their way- the outdated, wooden railing! “With the old decks, you had to stand up or be out on the deck looking over the railing. Very irritating to say the least!" Mary explained. “We wanted unobstructed views, relatively low maintenance, and a cleaner, more modern look to the house.”

The clean look and ease of installation were 2 reasons Mary chose Cable Bullet for her project. After working with our support team, she placed her first order for the smallest deck in April during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Keep reading to learn how Mary single-handedly completed her 3-deck cable railing project!



How did you hear about Cable Bullet and why did you choose to use our system?

I spent a lot of time researching cable railing systems and searching on the internet. What I liked about Cable Bullet was how clean it looked, and from the website, it seemed like something I could do without help.

Were there any aspects of your project that worried you before you started?

I was not completely sure of what to order and I sent a drawing with measurements and we discussed the items that I would need. Everything came promptly and well packaged. Being 69 and a woman, yes, I was fearful that I would not be able to do this and or worse, start and be unable to finish it!

Did you use the instructions included in your order or talk to customer support? If so, what was your experience like?

The instructions were very important and very well done. But the best support was definitely with Cable Bullet’s customer support representative, Juan - showing him photos: “crimped enough?” and making sure I was doing it correctly. He never made me feel foolish. I appreciated that! His tips were also very helpful.

Was any part of the installation simpler or more challenging than you had expected?

The actual tightening of the cable was much easier than I thought it would be and it is a very well thought out process. By the time I had started the 3rd deck, I was pretty confident until I found all the deteriorated post sleeves along with stair risers, treads, and decking! Stairways were hard, and on the 2nd deck stairs, I decided to use tensioners for the middle post.

I had the most anxiety concerning drilling. I needed the posts to be as close to perfect as possible. I did not want to call a contractor to come and replace a post. Thankfully, I avoided that! Cutting the cable and crimping the ends were hard for me strength-wise. Juan sent me a second pair of cable cutters and having that second pair got me through the whole project. Also, my hands got stronger!! With crimping the ends, there was no way around being on my knees and using my upper body to have enough strength to do the 12 pumps with the crimper.

What have you enjoyed most about cable railing?  

I am so proud of the fact that I actually did it! We keep looking out the windows now and love that we have unobstructed views of the pond whether standing, sitting at our kitchen table, dining room table, in the living room, or sitting in bed! I can look out our kitchen sink window and see my perennial garden and down to our swimming pool. I have to admit I liked the process of cabling. It’s methodical, makes sense and works well. My advice to anyone wanting to do this is GO FOR IT!


Want to enjoy a clear view of your backyard, just like Mary? 

Start your own cable railing project today!

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