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Free Shipping on orders $1,999+
Choosing the Right Contractor to Install Your Cable Railing

Choosing the Right Contractor to Install Your Cable Railing

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You’re about to take your home to the next level with sleek, modern cable railing — but you need to find a contractor to install it. This isn’t a project you can entrust to just anyone; you want the job completed quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy your home’s newest asset. Discover how cable railing can transform your outdoor space and potentially influence your budget.

How do you find the right contractor to install your railing? Here are a few questions to guide your search:   

1 | Where do I find a contractor or installer? 

There are three main places to find a contractor to complete your installation:

Word of Mouth

Ask friends or family if they or anyone they know made updates to their home recently. The best recommendations come from people you trust most.

Local Listings

Check local social media pages and web directories to find an installer with good reviews. A simple Google search can show you those offering desired services within a certain distance — and a Facebook search can find the most popular businesses in your community.

Ad or Digital Marketplace

Secondhand resources like Angi or Craigslist were designed for community job-searching. The sites offer profiles, reviews, and service summaries from local contractors so you can see who is popular and reliable.

The most important thing to remember is to talk to more than one. You should interview at least three contractors to ensure you’re getting a fair quote.

2 | What type of contractor should I hire? 

If you’ve never had cable railing, it may be tricky to know what kind of installer is most helpful. Luckily, we’ve provided top-tier cable railing for thousands of customers — and we know exactly what you should look for. The type of contractor you want depends on the project you’re planning — whether it’s a deck build, interior renovation or breathing new life into your stairway. 

Deck Build

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Firstly, we recommend hiring someone with experience in constructing decks. Your contractor should know the complexity involved working with various deck materials. Search contractors’ websites for the words “deck” or “railing” to confirm experience.

Interior Renovation

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If it's a home project, the scope may limit who is willing and able. Depending on its depth and breadth, you might look for a general contractor, handyman, trim carpenter,  or a stair professional.

A small indoor project is often less complicated than an exterior deck build. You can reach out to a general contractor, handyman, or trim carpenter to install your railing in your home. If you have a large stair project that requires more care and experience, enlist the help of a specialized professional instead. 

Regardless of the contractor you hire, always verify licensure and insurance. If you find someone with good reviews, it’s likely they’ve properly filed and updated paperwork — but every state has different laws. Before starting on a project, make sure everything is by the book.

Finally, look for the qualities of an effective, successful installer: adaptability, problem-solving skills, knowledge, and a collaborative spirit. You want to find someone who will communicate with you to understand your vision — and support you if problems arise.

3 | What questions should I ask my contractor?

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of contractors to your top two or three, sit down with them to ask questions about their process. Here are some important topics to cover when you’re interviewing potential installers:

  • Are you comfortable working with aluminum? 
  • How long have you been in business? 
  • Do you specialize in interior or exterior designs? If both, what do you prefer or work with most?
  • Have you ever installed railing before? What about cable railing?
  • Do you have references from homeowners who have previously hired you?
  • Do you have a portfolio of jobs you’ve completed?

The answers to these questions should guide your decision-making — and once you’ve chosen a contractor, you’ll be ready for installation!

Take the First Step

Before reaching out to contractors, it’s important to obtain an estimate so they know the scope of the project and the materials they’ll need. You can get a free estimate for your cable railing system here.

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