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Copy of Top 4 Places to Install Cable Railing

Top 4 Places to Install Cable Railing

You’re looking for a railing that is functional, fashionable, and hassle-free—and we have good news for you. Cable railing checks all those boxes, offering you a timeless feature that won’t wear down or go out of style. Plus, the best cable railing brands come with step-by-step guides for simplified installation.

Now the only question is where you should implement cable railing in your home.

If you’re wondering where cable railing will fit best with your current décor, read on to see the top four places we recommend installing it.


1 | Porch, Patio, or Deck

One of the best qualities of cable railing is its openness—which is what makes it such a good addition to a porch, patio, or deck.

When you’re sitting on your porch for your morning coffee or enjoying an evening outside with your family, you don’t want to be walled off from the world. Whether the view from your house is a forest, skyline, or even the ocean, you can see it all through cable railing. Installing cable railing outside also gives your home some added curb appeal.


2 | Stairway

When you think of cable railing, you probably picture outdoor areas first (which is why we already covered porches and decks).

However, installing cable railing on indoor stairways can give your home a sleek, modern aesthetic. The railing’s simplicity is subtle and classy enough to fit with any design style. No matter what your home’s character is, you can find a cable setup that will complement it.

Plus, in the same way cable railing increases your curb appeal, it also increases your resale value from the inside by adding a timeless accent to your living space.


3 | Loft Area

With standard railing, it is often hard to make loft spaces feel open because the materials make the area feel separate from the rest of your home.

Cable railing eliminates that challenge, creating an obstruction-free view from anywhere you stand. If you don’t want your loft or balcony to feel cut off from the rest of your home, consider installing cable railing to open up the space and make it seem bigger.


4 | Pool

If you want to modernize your pool space, cable railing is an easy way to do it. With its simple installation process and sleek style, it will make your pool stand out.

Cable railing is also durable, reliable, and manageable. As the years go by, you won’t have to worry about structural integrity—and you’ll only have to perform regular maintenance once every 6-12 months, depending on your climate.


Find Your Fit

Cable railing comes in a variety of styles, so you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect fit for your home.Making the best decision might seem intimidating, but our team at Cable Bullet is always here to answer your questions and set you on the right track.

If you’re ready to turn your vision for cable railing into a reality, get a free estimate from our experts today.


Before starting any project, check your state and local requirements for railings. The Cable Bullet system meets the International Residential Code (IRC), but some states have additional requirements. For more information, review our terms and conditions.

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