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Upgrade Your Pool Patio with One Simple Fix

  • 3 min read

A pool is an automatic value-add to your home—but how do you know you’re getting the most out of it? Trends evolve quickly, so your pool and patio features need to be timeless.

If you’re looking for a simple way to upgrade your pool area and maximize its value, cable railing is the perfect solution. It will reinforce patio safety, simplify your maintenance needs, improve your view, and offer a timeless, minimalist style.


Reinforcing Safety

Pools are made for enjoyment—not lawsuits. The last thing you want is a guest or family member slipping on a wet patio. By adding cable railing in high-traffic areas, you provide an added measure of safety for people to grasp while they walk.

Because cable railing is made of high-quality materials, you won’t run the risk of people getting splinters from worn-down fencing. Additionally, installing your railing between your pool and patio can create separation, allowing you to establish a “no-splash zone” for rowdy guests.


Simplifying Maintenance Needs

Many people choose wood or iron for pool fencing, since both materials have a timeless look—but there is a catch.

Wood and iron aren’t as durable as cable railing, and they require more frequent maintenance. Without proper care, iron can rust easily and wood can become unsafe due to splintering.

In comparison, cable railing requires almost no maintenance at all. We simply recommend annual cleaning and tensioning. (Even if you live on a coast where you experience severe weather, you still only need to perform maintenance every three to six months!)


Improving the View

You don’t want your patio features to take away from your outdoor experience. What’s the point of having a pool if you just have to stare at a white fence in every direction?

With cable railing, you can add style to your patio area—without ruining your view. Whether your back yard faces city skylines or sandy beaches, you deserve to enjoy your surroundings. As the photos below prove, cable railing provides a subtle, unobtrusive fencing option.


Cementing Your Style

From the inside to the outside, you want your home to be seamless. If you have an old, outdated fence surrounding your pool, it can distract from your property’s overall beauty.

Installing cable railing is your ticket to a modernized, upgraded home—and you can choose from a wide variety of options to fit your style. Whether you like stainless steel, aluminum, wood, or a personalized combination, you can add a railing that matches the rest of your home and makes you proud.


Start Your Installation

Are you ready to give your patio area a whole new look without adding a ton of extra work? Cable railing is a subtle but powerful way to improve your pool’s aesthetic, and you won’t regret taking the leap and making the upgrade.

At Cable Bullet, we pride ourselves on offering the highest-quality cable railing kits, complete with step-by-step installation instructions and tutorial videos—so you’ll know exactly what to do throughout your entire project. We don’t do confusion or curveballs, so reach out to us today to get started on your next project.

Before starting any project, check your state and local requirements for railings. The Cable Bullet system meets the International Residential Code (IRC), but some states have additional requirements. For more information, review our terms & conditions.

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