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Post Mounting Screws


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Securely mount your Signature series posts to your deck or floor with structural screws. The recommended screw type and length will vary by application. Follow our guidelines below for selecting the right screw for your project.

Order 4 mounting screws for each post. All screws require a T30 star drive bit to install.

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Selecting the Correct Post Mount Screw

To ensure the structural integrity of your guard rail it is essential to use the appropriate mounting screws for your posts. Cable Bullet offers select options designed to accommodate the most common interior and exterior applications. Properly installed, your Cable Bullet railing will withstand the applied cable rail tension (150# per cable), and secure against a 200# impact load as specified by the International Residential Code (IRC).

It is the installer's responsibility to ensure that the supporting structure is able to handle the sustained cable rail tension, and withstand an impact load to the railing.

Quick Reference Guide
Post Style Mounting Surface Screw
Top Mount 5/4" Treated Pine Decking, 3-1/2" blocking* GRK RSS 5/16 x 5-1/8" Climatek Coated Polymer
5/4" Composite Decking, 3-1/2" blocking*
5/4" Cedar, Redwood Decking, 3-1/2" blocking* GRK RSS 5/16 x 5-1/8" PHEINOX 305 SS
5/4" Hardwood Decking, 1-1/2" blocking** 1/4 x 3-1/2" SS 6-Lobe Socket Head Cap Screw
1/2" Hardwood Floorboards, 3/4" OSB, 1-1/2" blocking** 1/4 x 3-1/2" SS 6-Lobe Socket Head Cap Screw
4" Poured Concrete 1/4 x 3-1/4" Hex Head Tapcon Screw***

* Required
** Preferred
*** Currently unavailable at

Top Mount Posts

Softwood & Composite Decking

5/4-inch Pine, Cedar, Redwood, or composite deck boards alone do not offer adequate structural support for Cable Bullet posts. To ensure maximum thread engagement and holding strength, add 3-1/2 inches of blocking under every post, for each of the 4 mounting screws.

Treated Lumber & Composite Decks

  • GRK RSS 5/16 x 5-1/8" rugged structural screws with Climatek™ coating are approved for use in treated lumber and on composite decks. These screws are not recommended for use in specialty wood species, including Cedar and Redwood.

Cedar & Redwood Decks

  • GRK RSS 5/16 x 5-1/8" PHEINOX™ 305 stainless steel screws are preferred for use in cedar and redwood decks. Stainless steel does not contain Zinc, which can cause a chemical reaction in some wood species resulting in staining and an increased likelihood of premature corrosion.

Hardwood Decking

5/4-inch tropical hardwood deck boards, including Ipe, Tigerwood, or Cumaru offer significantly more support than their softwood counterparts. 1-1/2 inches of blocking is preferred, but not necessary.

  • Cable Bullet 1/4 x 3-1/2" stainless steel 6-lobe socket head cap screws are recommended because of their continuous thread.

Interior Hardwood Floors

For interior applications, we recommend no less than 1/2-inch hardwood over 3/4-inch OSB subfloor, with 1-1/2-inch additional blocking preferred.

  • Use Cable Bullet 1/4 x 3-1/2" stainless steel 6-lobe socket head cap screws. The continuous thread improves the holding strength of these screws, and their relatively short length minimizes the risk of interfering with plumbing, wiring, or ductwork.