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Use with soft or hardwood posts


Use with vinyl or composite post sleeves


Use with Signature series or custom metal posts


Use with structural masonry posts or columns


Aluminum posts, matching handrail, and stainless steel cable railing.

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Vertical cable railing with aluminum posts and rail.

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All stainless integrated post and tensioning cable railing.

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How to install cable rail kits in wood, metal, or masonry posts.

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How to install Signature series posts, handrail, and cable infill.

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How to install Venture series posts, handrail, and cable infill.

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Signature Series Side Mount Cable Railing Terminal Post


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Premium, heavy-duty side mount aluminum cable rail posts with a slim profile designed to fit Cable Bullet stainless steel cable rail tensioner kits. Modern railing that won't block your view.

Clean & Minimal Design

DIY Friendly Installation

Patented Tensioning System

Quality U.S. Craftsmanship

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Quality, Strength & Elegance

Clean lines, a minimal profile, and high-quality construction make Signature series railing the perfect choice anywhere safety and preserving your view are the top priorities. Side mount posts include a removable bracket for securing railing to the fascia or outside of a structure. This can be especially advantageous where surface space is limited, or stairs are involved. Each tensioning post has been drilled and tapped to accept Cable Bullet kits (sold separately). Cable rail fittings easily attach to the inside of each post, so wires can be tensioned out of sight without the need for bulky, external turnbuckles. Every post also includes a modern stainless steel post top for mounting any handrail with a flat underside.

Complete your modern railing with ultra-slim side mount line posts and cable spacer bars and enjoy an unobstructed view from your deck, balcony, or stairway.

Please Note: Side-mount brackets are optimized for use on wood structures only and should not be attached to concrete or stone! Mounting screw holes are tightly spaced to maximize their holding strength in wood. However, in a masonry application, this highly increases the likelihood of damage between adjacent pilot holes, compromising the safety of your railing. Signature series top mount posts are designed for use in most masonry applications.

Sleek Profile, Less Hardware

A slim 2 x 2-inch column profile designed around Cable Bullet concealed tensioners. No more bulky turnbuckles or extra hardware!

Heavy-Duty, Thick Walls

Designed to withstand cable rail tension, Signature series post walls are industry-leading, 1/4-inch thick throughout.

High-Quality Construction

Post bodies are made from type 6061 structural aluminum and heat-treated with a T6 temper 6061 to provide maximum hardening and yield strength.

Machined Stainless Steel Top

Each handrail mounting bracket is machined from solid, type 304 marine-grade stainless steel. Mount any handrail with a flat underside.

Architectural Grade Powder Coating

Updated for 2022, the new fine textured powder coat provides extra durability with high performance for outdoor projects. Enjoy clean railing without chipping or scratches!

Installer-Friendly Design

Simplify the post installation process and have more flexible placement options on stairs by setting and leveling your bracket first. Once the bracket is plumb, simply attach the post column to the bracket!

Make the Most of Your Space

Mount your railing to the outside face of your deck or stairs and avoid losing valuable real estate compared to surface mount railing.

Ready for Cable Bullet Tensioners

Corner, 2-way, and end posts are all pre-drilled and tapped to accept Cable Bullet concealed tensioner kits!

What's included with each post?

Each Signature series post includes the following components:

  • (1) Post column
  • (1) Stainless steel top (handrail mounting bracket)
  • (1) Side mount bracket
  • (2)-(4) 1/4-20 x 3/4" Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screws for securing the post column to the bracket

What tools & supplies will I need to install my posts?

What else is required to complete my railing?

The following supplies are required for most installations, however, quantities and specifics will vary by project. The items listed below are sold separately.

For detailed installation instructions and setup guides, see the Helpful Guides & Resources list on this page.

PLEASE NOTE: Aluminum posts and handrail are NOT suitable for use in exterior coastal applications. Signature series railing is designed for inland exterior and interior projects. Exposure to salt will cause accelerated oxidation and galvanic corrosion between aluminum and stainless components.

Helpful Guides & Resources

How to Install Signature Series Side Mount Cable Rail Posts
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Setup Guide: Signature Series Side Mount Posts
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Stair Rail Design: Post Layout & Handrail Options
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Application Recommended for interior & inland exterior projects*
Material T6061 aluminum body, T304 SS top
Color Option 1 Flat Black Fine Texture, AR400 Jet Black Tex Architectural Grade Powder Coat**
Color Option 2 Flat White Fine Texture, Architectural Grade Powder Coat**
Post Height (No top) 35-1/2" (11 cables) | 41-1/2" (13 cables)
Post Height (With Modern Top) 36" | 42"
Overall Post Length 43" (36" rail) | 49" (42" rail)
Cable Spacing 3"
Post Body 2" x 2"

Download Specifications

*Side mount posts are NOT recommended for projects with concrete foundations.
**Powder coat colors can vary slightly by production run. Recommended for use in architectural applications where enhanced levels of exterior weatherability are required. This product meets requirements for AAMA 2604 as per the American Architectural Manufacturers Association.