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HIT® Wire Rope Cable Cutter



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Clean cuts require quality cable cutters

Avoid frayed cable ends, cable waste, and unnecessary delays by using a quality pair of cable cutters on your project. Choose from a hand-held pair of cutters suitable for most installations, or upgrade to a bench-mount option for large commercial projects, or repeat installations over multiple projects.

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22-WRC75 Hand-Held: Convenient handling & precise cuts, perfect for any cable rail installation

These compact wire rope and cable cutters are designed to cut up to 1/4-inch wire rope or 5/32”-inch steel wire and are perfect for most Cable Bullet cable rail installation projects.

These cable cutters feature light-weight aluminum handles, have a modest 7-1/2-inch overall length, and include an opening spring and handle lock which makes them easy to handle and convenient to store.

The cable cutter head features two precision ground blades made from hardened tool steel. The shear-cut design of the blades guarantees a clean, sharp cut and won’t leave your cable ends frayed or fanning out making it easier to slide the lobed washer and crimp sleeve over the end of your cable without catching.

To reduce the amount of strength required to cut through 5/32-inch thick steel cable, the pivot point or fulcrum is set immediately behind the blades, maximizing the leverage and increasing the transfer of power from the handles to the cutting point.

22-BWC38 Bench-Mount: Superior Cutting Strength for High Volume & Large Jobs

For large construction jobs, or for the contractor with repeat installations, the 22-BWC38 bench-mount is a great upgrade to the smaller, hand-held cutters. The 29-inch long handles and heavy-duty jaws allow this cutter to easily shear-cut 1/4" steel wire. Blade replacements are available to extend the life of your tool.

HIT® Tools is a Japanese manufacturer of professional quality hand tools since 1937.