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How to Install Stainless Steel Handrail on Venture Series Posts

How to Install Stainless Steel Handrail on Venture Series Posts

Installing Venture Series Handrail

Watch this video covering installation instructions for stainless steel handrail on Venture Series posts with Modern Tops.

How difficult is this project?

This project is: ADVANCED

Installing stainless steel handrail requires advanced skills and high-quality machinery. Pay special attention and take precise measurements when installing handrail around stairs. Advanced metal-working skills and tools may be required for complex stainless steel handrail joints.

Add the finishing touch to your Venture Series railing with matching stainless steel handrail. Made with high-quality T316 steel, stainless handrail meets IRC standards for graspability and is an excellent top rail solution in coastal environments. Handrail comes in 93" sections that piece together with internal, concealed splines, allowing for nearly-seamless spans.


It's durability, slim profile and low maintenance make stainless steel handrail the perfect touch for any modern railing project.


Download the installation instructions:

Stainless Steel Handrail Guide >


Does your project include stairs?

Check out the guide below for handrail design recommendations on stair runs. Consider your project specifications and post layout before starting your installation.

Stair Rail Design >


Building Custom Splines for Stair Transitions

Watch the quick demo video below for how to build custom splines for stainless steel handrail stair transitions. Custom splines are made using Delrin spline stock and can be used for handrail joints from level to sloped angles at the top of stairs, the kickout at the bottom of stairs, or for any non-90-degree horizontal angle transition.

Installation Instructions

Attach your handrail to mounted Venture Series posts before installing cable infill. Download the step-by-step instructions below. When the handrail is complete, finish your railing with How to Install Cable Infill with Venture Series Posts.


Download step-by-step instructions:

Stainless Steel Handrail Guide >


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